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Spray Vitamins – The most effective and efficient way of taking vitamins and supplements

We are pioneers of oral absorption spray vitamins and herbal supplements and offer a wide selection of Vitamins and Supplements for sale through our online shop.

Buy Spray Vitamins Online

Vitamin Sprays are far more effective than pills   For a whole range of reasons taking spray vitamins and herbal supplements in this form is a much more effective and efficient way of getting the supplements into your body. Spray Vitamins are proven to give far better results than taking tablets. (See Why Use Vitamin Sprays? for details)

We are passionate about what we do and the products we offer.  We rigorously ensure that the vitamins and supplements that are available to buy online here are of the highest possible quality and integrity.

All our vitamin and herbal sprays are created using the best quality natural ingredients which are then contained in an advanced aluminum tube lined inside with a special protective coating and come with tamper proof seals which means we can guarantee the safety, freshness and integrity of our vitamin sprays.

Our reputation is built on the quality and effectiveness of our products. We truly want to help people to lead healthier, happier lives. As a result we will never compromise on product quality – even if that makes us appear more expensive.

We know that if you use Sprayavit vitamins and supplement you will get true value for money.

“The supplement spray has greatly increased my immune system as well as my energy levels.”

Sharon from Gloucester. Read More..

This website is owned by Healthcare International. Sprayavit is the brand name we use for all of our sprayable vitamins and herbal supplements. Healthcare International was formed in 2003 with the initial aim of bringing sprayable (oral absorption) products to Ireland. (See here Why Use Sprays? )
Since then Healthcare International – and the Sprayavit brand – has grown and we now sell products across Europe and the United States with thousands of satisfied customers.

All the spray vitamins and supplements we sell on this site are rigorously examined and have been inspected by the relevant Government bodies including the HSE, the Irish Medicines Board and the Irish Foods Safety Authority.


A range of easy to take, spray vitamins and supplements especially formulated for promoting health and well being for the over 50’s.


Buy our spray vitamins and supplements online and ensure your body is fully prepared for exercise and sport before (Warm Up), during (Full Speed) and after (Cool Down)


Our vitamin sprays have been specially created to ease the discomfort and mood swings associated with the menstrual cycle and also to help women in pregnancy.

Weight Loss

Use our specially formulated vitamin sprays help with weight loss and weight management. SlenderMist helps curb appetite and provides essential nutrients. Esbelty Boost can help you achieve a slimmer you.

Health & Wellness

Our specially formulated vitamin sprays will help you to maintain the proper daily balance of vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthier life. Enjoy life!


See our range of specially created vitamin and nutrient sprays designed especially for cats and dogs. Simply spray into the mouth or directly onto food. It could not be easier.